How to Choose a Neighborhood When Considering Different Homes for Sale

When searching for desirable real estate around communes like North Ft. Worth, the house itself is not the sole focus: the community should, too. Choosing a neighborhood is almost as critical as the home itself, since buying a home means you’re also investing in the surrounding community. contributor Liz Gray uses this analogy to describe the correlation: if the house is the spouse, the neighborhood is the extended family—you can have an excellent marriage but dread holidays with the in-laws. Loving both is necessary to experience true fulfilment.

Commute Time is a Non-Issue

What good is a home if it’s situated a long way from where you work and where your kids attend school? If you drive, it’s quite self-explanatory that you’ll spend more on your daily commute the farther you live from work (with the national average fuel price fetching almost $3 a liter). If you take public transportation, make sure the community is situated near public transit options.